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Emsculpt Neo – 30 mins

Emsculpt Neo is the first US FDA-cleared device to eliminate fat cells non-invasively. Combining radio frequency heating and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves) into a single therapy. The treatment is proven to be able to reduce an average of 30% of subcutaneous fat, an average of 14% of visceral fat and 5.9cm of waist circumference. Additionally, HIFEM can reduce diastasis recti by 19.2%.

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CoolSculpting – 35 to 45 mins

CoolSculpting by Allergan is a US FDA-cleared, non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction treatment that work effectively on stubborn fats which resists all exercising and dieting. A good alternative for liposuction and a gentler approach with no downtime for eliminating fat cells underneath the skin, CoolSculpting uses a patented Cryolipolysis (Fat Freeze) that ensures safety. Each session will result in up to 27% fat reduction.

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ReduStim – 45mins

Is your waist circumference more than 88cm if you are a female or more than 102cm if you are male?

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the above waistline as visceral obesity which is potentially dangerous as it causes serious health problems!

Redustim uses a low-frequency BioMagnetic field to reduce the dangerous visceral fat around the muscle and vital organs of the body, subcutaneous fat on the abdominal as well as activating the lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and water retention from the body.

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Price: $250 (1 session) / $2,160 (12 sessions)

truSculpt iD – 15mins

truSculpt iD is a US FDA-cleared permanent fat reduction treatment that allows you to personalize your dream body with its revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive, body-sculpting technology.

truSculpt iD delivers powerful, non-invasive, monopolar radiofrequency to selectively target fat tissue and therapeutically heat it. With the unique customisation ability of its 6 applicators and location versatility, a full abdomen or multiple body areas can be treated simultaneously.

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Price: $300 (1 applicator) / $1,588 (6 applicators) / $3,060 (12 applicators) 

Exilis Ultra 360 Body Tightening – 30mins

A non-invasive US FDA-cleared monopolar radio frequency and ultrasound skin tightening device for different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity, and excessive fat. This is a no-downtime treatment for loose saggy skin that is a result of ageing, weight loss or post-body contouring.

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Price: $390 ( 1 session) / $1,160 (4 sessions) / $2,888 (12 sessions) / $168 (Trial)

Bare Back Acne-Free – 60mins

If flaws on your back deter you from donning your open-back dress or swimsuit look no further. This bespoke bareback treatment will be your way to regain confidence and sensuality again.

The treatment harnesses a rich blend of AHAs to slough off stubborn dead cells and smoothen out bumpiness and even the skin tone of your back. This is followed by an algae detoxifying mask with whitening actives, to impart an undeniably smooth and brilliantly flawless skin texture in no time. Treatment is only for the upper back, reach out to enquire about full back treatment.

Price: $350 (1 session) / $1,000 (4 sessions)