Pink Intimate - 30mins

When it's dark down there, we just don't mention about it at all and keep them covered up. Pink Secret System is the first peel that is clinically formulated and gentle enough to help lighten and brighten our most delicate and private parts.

This gentle peel features a cocktail blend of lightening and tightening essences, as well as soothing and nourishing ingredients such as Chloracetic acid to rejuvenate and confer a peeling effect, Kojic Acid to whiten dark areas, Bisabolol to soften, soothe and regenerate youthful skin.

This procedure does not require any special precautions for use and the procedure is quick and delicate.

Underarms/Buttocks/Inner Thighs/Nipples: $180 (1 session) / $600 (5 sessions)

Intimate Area: $250 (1 session) / $980 (5 sessions)

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