Hair Restoration

SC Hair Growth Programme

A hair restoration and regeneration treatment that stimulates dormant hair follicles, improves the appearance of thinning hair, and promotes fuller, thicker and healthier tresses. Through the use of twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytosignals, each with proven efficacy in hair follicle stimulation, it awakens sleeping stem cells inside hair follicles, and returns them to a more youthful growth pattern. Free of parabens, sulfate and dye; and suitable for all types of skin and hair.

Out of 28 participants, 82 per cent experienced a major improvement in hair loss while 50 per cent noticed new hair growth over 12 weeks.

What are the main ingredients in the SC Hair Growth Programme?

  • Cytosignals: Regulates skin healing, reduces inflammation, and reduces scar formation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Excellent gliding agent, humectant, bio-compatible, and supports skin’s extracellular matrix
  • Growth and Stimulating Factors: Nine types of growth factors to stimulate and regulate hair growth

What is the treatment like?

The therapist will first exfoliate, stimulate and prepare the scalp for the micro-needling procedure. A precision Dermapen is then used to create micro-channels in the scalp, allowing two potent formulas to be delivered directly into hair follicles.

How long does each treatment take?

90 minutes 

How many sessions are needed?

Five monthly treatments of 90 minutes.  Best results are seen after five treatments.

*Results vary for each individual

Is the Treatment Painful?

While tolerance of pain is very individual, no anaesthetics are required, and most people describe the sensation as practically pain-free, like that of a rubber band snapping onto the skin.

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