The Art & Science of Beauty.

Built on the impeccable mix of know-how, artistry, science and technology – our finesse of natural beauty will transform every moment into an opportunity for you to live your best and dream bigger possibilities. Unveiling ageless transformations that transcend time with elegance and confidence.

Our Signature 
Aesthetic Treatments



Thread Lift: Non-Surgical Face Lift to Restore and Lift Facial Contours

Lift and rejuvenate saggy cheeks, jaw, nose and neck area for a beautiful facial contour.

Correct Signs of Ageing with CollagenBooster Ellanse 少女针 Part 1

Collagen Booster corrects wrinkles, volumise and sculpt face while stimulating the production of your body’s own collagen.

Above &
Beyond Beauty

Our Medical Director: Dr. Lam Bee Lan

A leading force in the field of aesthetics with over 14 years of experience,                 Dr. Lam’s expertise lies in a broad range of minimal to non-invasive procedures and routines. Garnering the likes and support of clients as she continuously enhances and finesses the natural beauty of each individual with safety, precision and passion – as she pursues the creation of youthful and natural-looking results, that bring out the best in everyone.

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