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What is Agnes RF?

Agnes RF is a radio frequency treatment designed to treat chronic acne at the root of the problem. Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle arising from our sebaceous glands; Agnes destroys these glands without thermal injury of the epidermis to effectively reduce acne.

How does Agnes work?

Using precisely administered radio frequency energy through special tiny partially insulated needles, Agnes destroys the sebaceous glands without causing any injuries to the skin epidermis. With the sebaceous glands destroyed, hair follicles do not get inflamed and infected any more so acne in the treatment area goes away for good.

What to expect during the procedure?

Anaesthesia will be applied to the treatment area before treatment. The procedure first starts with a thorough extraction to clear up the pores, followed by Agnes Acne treatment and ends with a healing laser light. A follow-up session is required the next day which involves radio frequency to loosen any remaining debris in the pores and help speed up skin healing.       


What other concerns can Agnes treat?

In addition, the Agnes device can also be used for the following indications.

  • Saggy Upper Eyelid
  • Eye bags
  • Syringoma

The emitted radiofrequency energy with controlled precision can selectively target and shrink subcutaneous fat between the skin and before the orbital septum. This results in tightening and firming of the skin around the eye as new collagen is stimulated into forming.


Who is a suitable candidate?

Anyone suffering from chronic acne looking for a lasting solution to their acne problems. Agnes RF is also suitable for those who do not wish to consume oral medications (especially for females planning a family) or use an expensive laser which only controls the problem temporarily.


Is there any downtime or side effects?

Patients may experience redness in the treated area and mild swelling may occur due to the insertion of the micro-needle. These will subside in a few days.


What are the expected results?

A decrease in acne breakouts can be expected after the first treatment, and by the third session,  most of the acne should be cleared, though some variation may occur from patient to patient. Pimples do not form again in the treated follicles and over time,  the number of new lesions reduces.


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