EMxpert Body Sculpting



EMxpert Body Sculpting is a muscle-mass building and fat reduction programme using deep electromagnetic pulsed stimulation technology (DEPS). The DEPS technology contracts muscles while increasing your fat burning metabolism. It is a non-surgical way of toning, defining and sculpting various areas of the body. It speeds up and intensifies the effects of any concurrent workout regimens you are on.



How Does It Work?

The electromagnetic energy is delivered to the targeted area through an electromagnetic transducer, producing a magnetic field of 3 Tesla — equivalent to the strength of 550 bar magnets — to penetrate to a skin depth of up to 10cm. The transducer emits a maximum of 30,000 pulses in a 30-minute treatment subjecting the muscle cells to intense muscle contractions, this is equivalent of doing approximately 30,000 sit ups or squats, depending on where you place the transducer.

The intense rapid contraction of the muscles triggers high metabolic stress and tension, causing the fibres to increase in size as well as producing new muscle fibres. The effects are like those produced when you exercise except at much higher intensity. The more muscle fibres the targeted area produces, the more fat they burn, the thinner the layer of subcutaneous fat, and the more visible the muscles beneath will appear.



What Can Be Treated with EMxpert Body Sculpting?


To slim, firm, tone abdominal areas and grow abdominal muscles for asculpted abs.


To build a rounder perkier bottom; when applied to the gluteal muscles, it lifts and builds the individual muscle fibres without destroying any of the fat in the area that make buttocks appear round and pert.

Calves, thighs, and upper arms.

To tone these areas and achieve more defined muscles.



What Else Can EMxpert Body Sculpting Be Used For?

Diastasis Recti

EMxpert Body Sculpting also helps with mild diastasis recti, a condition that happens during pregnancy where the growing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen to accommodate the growth of the baby. This is when the two large parallel bands of muscles that run from the ribs to pelvis separate and are pushed to the sides as the growing baby bulge pushed them apart.



Who Are The Best Candidates for This Treatment?

Men and women who have localised areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise and are looking to reduce fat layers and build muscles from beneath.

However, it is best for people who have a lower BMI and are already at their ideal body weight. This treatment is not for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and those with metal or electronics (like pacemakers) inside their bodies.



How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Patients are recommended to undergo a minimum of six sessions within three weeks, scheduled three to four days apart. Thereafter patients are recommended to maintain their results with fortnightly or monthly treatments. You will be able to feel the tangible results after three to four sessions and the results will continue to improve for several weeks.



Is There Any Downtime?

It involves no down time and no pain, although some post-procedural muscle soreness, which feels like delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a workout, is common


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