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Dr. Lam Bee Lan

There’s more than meets the eye to Dr. Lam, one of Singapore’s first pioneers in the aesthetic industry, with over 20 years in the medical profession and 18 years in the field of aesthetics. She obtained her medical degree from the National University of Singapore, Diploma in Dermatology from the University of Wales in the UK, Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the US and her Master's degree in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK.

Known for her appreciation and belief in the finessing of natural beauty, Dr. Lam amasses a plethora of techniques and treatments in minimal to non-invasive procedures and routines. Garnering the likes and support of clients, practitioners and industry giants, both locally and globally. Standing amongst leading aesthetic professionals puts Dr. Lam at the forefront of the world’s latest science and technology, enabling her to share first-hand knowledge and advancements in current trends and services with her clientele and community at large.

Dr. Lam’s passion and purpose are what drive her to incessantly share, train and work with peers and the community. A leader in her field, Dr. Lam regularly trains on basic and advanced filler and botulinum toxin injection techniques, both locally and oversea for the world’s biggest filler and botulinum companies - Allergan,  Galderma and Ipsen.  Dr. Lam believes in working together towards elevating industry standards, quality, experiences and results. Building a better world of aesthetics for tomorrow.

Dr. Lam possesses a strong belief in giving back to society. Together with a group of doctors, she volunteers her time at Changi Prison to remove tattoos for the inmates since 2009. She has been awarded the 5-year Service Award in 2014 and the 10-year Long Service Award by the Singapore Prison Authority in 2019.

She has also been appointed a member of the Talent Advisory Panel of Singapore’s People’s Association (PA) (a government organization), The Lifeskills & Lifestyle (2LD) Division, since 2017. The purpose of this Division is to build a community of PA Trainers/private operators who can deliver quality services to Singapore’s residents.


  • Profhilo® Educator Award 2020, 2021
  • Trainer: Q-Med Galderma Restylane® range of fillers
  • Trainer: Allergan Juvederm® range of fillers
  • Trainer: Allergan Botulinum toxins
  • Trainer: Dysport® by Ipsen
  • Trainer: Happy Lift Threadlift by Menarini
  • Committee Member: Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore)
  • Faculty Member: Allergan Medical Institute
  • Advisory Board Member: Rejuran by Pharma Research Pte Ltd 2018
  • Prestigious Steering Committee: Ipsen’s International Train-The-Trainer Program
  • Review Board Committee: Galderma Train-The-Trainer Program



Dr. Vipatsorn Shutchaidat

Dr. Vipatsorn (Pat) Shutchaidat received her Medical Degree in 2015 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and an Honours Degree in Biomedical Sciences from King’s College London.

Her past surgical experiences at several Singapore and UK top teaching hospitals are reflected in her dexterity and artistic approach. Dr. Pat received her post-graduate surgical qualifications from the Royal College of Surgeons (England). Her passion for beauty, science and medicine led Dr. Pat to obtain further studies in the field of Medical Aesthetics. She is certified by the Ministry of Health accredited bodies to perform various aesthetic procedures. Always enthusiastic about keeping on top of the latest aesthetic developments, Dr. Pat frequently attends local and international conferences and workshops.

Dr. Pat hopes to offer her patients the most advanced, safe, high-quality aesthetic treatment by combining her attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pharmacology, and a passion for art and beauty. Her friendly, easy-going and professional approach puts patients at ease at each clinic visit.

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