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We place a lot of attention on our faces. Yet one of the most telling parts of the body when it comes to age is the neck. The neck plays an equally important role in the projection of youth and beauty because an aging neck and décolletage will be a giveaway of a person’s true age even if one retains a youthful face.

With time, the skin over the neck loses collagen, elastin and fat. Necklines appear initially fine but over time, they get deeper. There is the protrusion of veins and the skin is covered with skin tags or brown spots from sun exposure. The skin looks crepey and starts to hang, the so-called ‘turkey neck’.

And being constantly attached to a smartphone 24/7 accelerates the formation of lines and wrinkles as the constant head tilt leads to excessive pressure and creasing of the delicate skin in the neck area.

Fortunately, there are many non-surgical procedures to make the neck look youthful again.


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