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Feeling The Itch? Is Your Skin Sensitised or Sensitive?

Sensitised skin is due to damaged barrier function of the skin that results in irritation.  Unlike sensitive skin that is a genetic trait, sensitized skin is a reaction triggered by certain environmental or lifestyle factors and usually occurs over time. As sensitization of the skin is a response to an external factor, it is possible that sensitization may be fully reversed/controlled.

How to Tell If Your Skin is Sensitised?

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Bumps
  • Itchy patches
  • Uneven texture and rough patches
  • Irritation and stinging when you apply products
  • Sore
  • Tightness

What Are Some of the Causes of Sensitised Skin?

Sensitised skin can be caused by a few factors such as:

  • Exposure to environmental factors (extremely hot or cold weather, chemicals, pollution, dust)
  • Lifestyle habits (lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, alcohol, diet)
  • Reaction to skin care products or makeup

What Can You Do to Help Soothe Sensitised Skin? 

  • Don’t use hot water during cleansing to minimize irritations
  • Avoid harsh exfoliators and extreme temperatures
  • Choose products that contains aloe vera or ceramides can help to soothe sensitised skin
  • Choose products that contains evening primrose, vitamin E or shea butter as these ingredients help to block irritants/pollutants from aggravating skin.
  • A healthy diet, water intake and managing stress level can also help to restore hydration and comfort to your skin.

Still unsure if your skin is sensitised? Make an appointment  for a skin consultation now!

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