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Double Chin

Double chin also known as submental fat, is the layer of extra fat that appears below the chin.

Weight gain is often associated with the appearance of a double chin, but one do not have to be overweight to develop one. Aging can cause the skin to lose its elasticity which attributes to the appearance of jiggly jowl. For some, hereditary factor is the cause to double chin.
Unfortunately, strict diet and exercise do not have much effect on reducing double chin. Aesthetic treatment methods for double chin are the next best solution.

These includes HIFU to tighten skin or lose some fats around neck and/ or non-surgical fat freeze process called, CoolSculpting can effectively reduce ugly fat deposits to achieve a more sculpted chin. Ultherapy can be used around the chin and neck area to achieve an overall tightening around the neck and chin.


What are the treatments available?