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Dark Eye Circles and EyeBags

Dark eye circles are rather prevalent in both genders. They can make you look lot older and more exhausted than you actually are, and they’re frequently accompanied by eye bags. They can be very difficult to get rid of, which exacerbates the situation. There are a variety of contributing factors to your dark eye circles such as:

  • Eye-strain. Vascular enlargement and darkening of the surrounding blood vessels can result with even moderate eye strain caused by prolonged looking at a phone or computer screen.
  • Fatigue. Minimal sleep, excessive exhaustion, oversleeping, or sleep deprivation can result in dark circles beneath your eyes, which can turn your skin pallid and lifeless.
  • Age. Natural ageing, in which your skin thins with age, is another typical cause. Your skin’s suppleness is often compromised by the loss of fat and collagen, which makes the dark blood vessels beneath your skin more apparent and contributes to the appearance of haunting dark circles under your eyes.

The subtle enlargement or puffiness behind the eyes that accompanies ageing is known as eye bags. Your eyes’ surrounding muscles and tissues deteriorate with ageing. When natural fat that supports your eyes may push forward from your lower lids, it can make your eyes look puffy. Swelling may also be exacerbated by fluid buildup in the area under your eyes. A number of things can exacerbate or trigger this impact, such as:

  • Fluid retention, especially after a salty meal or upon waking up
  • Smoking
  • Allergies

Are there any solutions?

There are a variety of treatments available here at Ageless. from machines to injectables our treatments are guaranteed to leave you looking stunning! Dark circles can be effectively treated using laser therapy. Scarring and other possible adverse effects may be reduced by less intrusive laser techniques like diode or pulsed dye lasers. Fillers can be a possibility if the dark circles beneath your eyes are being caused by thinner skin or a lack of fatty tissue. Hyaluronic acid gel or platelet rich plasma injections can be given to patients for the region beneath the eye.


What are the treatments available?