January 15, 2022

Facial Overfilled Syndrome

What is it and how to fix it?
January 3, 2022
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EMpower with Ageless Medical & BTL Aesthetics

Emsculpt Neo, Emsella and Exilis Ultra 360
December 31, 2021
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Everything You Need to Know About Sylfirm X

Microneedling radio frequency - Sylfirm X
October 13, 2021
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Ask Dr Lam Bee Lan – Body Treatments 101

Can on body treatment work on visceral and subcutaneous fat
August 26, 2021
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A Guide to Fat Reduction & Body Tightening

The difference between fat reduction and body contouring
August 25, 2021
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Ask Dr Lam Bee Lan – Profhilo Treatment

5 things to know about Profhilo prior to the treatment
August 19, 2021
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Ask Dr. Lam Bee Lan – Authentic Products

Importance of using authentic aesthetic products
August 5, 2021
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Feminine Health 101 – Improving Vaginal Health

Common vaginal health issues and ways to improve it
July 6, 2021
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Keeping Up With Skin Tightening Devices

Various options for skin tightening and lifting
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